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The driving force behind our initiative is our care for the patients
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Our motto is to restore happiness in the lives of people
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A Center specialising in Homeopathic treatment of illness with professional and highly trained team of doctors from across India.

About Homeopathy

As per WHO (World Health Organization), Homeopathy is the second most utilized healthcare system of medicine internationally. Its currently used in over 80 countries. It believes in delivering gentle and permanent cure to curable illness and relieving the symptoms (palliation) of incurable illness.

Homeopathy is based on the belief that the body can cure itself. Hence the basic objective of Homeopathic medicine is to stimulate the body’s natural defence system or immune system to cure an illness. Unlike modern medicine which is based on the principles of generalization, Homeopathy is based on the principle of individualization, thus giving personalised medicine to all sick individuals. i.e. Two individual with same illness might receive different medicines based on their presentation of illness. Hence a Homeopath not only needs information regarding the symptomatology of the disease but also needs information regarding the person suffering from the disease, as homeopathy believes in treating the individual as a whole and not only the diseased part.

About Ariv

Ariv healthcare is a speciality homeopathic healthcare center founded by visionary and highly qualified doctors to provide the best medical treatment in a scientific and most advanced manner.

This is an outcome of the aim to promote homoeopathy among the masses and to bring the benefits of this proven science of medicine to mankind. The treatment under our experienced doctors, assumes a targeted approach to cure the patients of their illness, not only chronic but acute as well.


To be a leading specialty homeopathic healthcare centre, providing holistic healthcare services and be responsive to the society’s needs


To be progressive in providing holistic health care services, responsive to society's needs, through Homoeopathy.

Consulting Services

Homeopathic medicines are safe in all age groups including neonates as it as no side effects. It’s very effective and easy to be administered to children and geriatric age group. As it acts by stimulating the immune system, it’s very effective in illness due to aberrant immune system like autoimmune disorders. Some of the common illnesses where homeopathy is very effective are as below:

Respiratory System

Allergic Rhinitis

Acute and Chronic sinusitis


Bronchial Asthma

Allergic Alveolitis



Reducing recurrent infections in Emphysema and COPD

Gastro Intestinal System

Acute Gastro Enteritis

Vomiting/ Diarrhoea




IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Cholecystitis/ Cholelithiasis


Fissure in Ano

Chron’s Disease

Mental Disorders


Cerebral Palsy


Mental Retardation



Nocturnal Enuresis

Sleep Disorders

Behavioural Disorders







Lichen Planus




GenitoUrinary System


Renal Colic

Renal Calculi

Endocrine Disorders




Female Genital System

Menstrual Disorders


Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases


Recurrent Fibroid

Sexual Disorders

Erectile Dysfunction



Life Style Disorders



Addictions (Substance Abuse)


RA(Rheumatoid Arthritis)

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Pain Reduction / Palliation in Osteo Arthritis(OA)


Prolapse vertebral disc

Meet Our Specialists

Our specialists have a vast sea of experience in homeopathic treatment. They are learned and adept at handling acute and emergency situations.

Dr Reetha Krishnan

MD (Hom) Paediatrics, Mumbai MPH, USA.

Dr Navin Pawaskar


Dr. Pavuluri Krishna Chaudary


What People Say?

Compliments inspire us! What is music to our ears is a ray of hope to those
who are yet to experience the healing power of homeopathy.

Dr. Shailendra Kumar Joshi IAS

Former Chief Secretary of Telangana
The team at Ariv Homeopathy played a key role in creating awareness on covid precautionary measures. They have also provided prophylactic medicines to essential service teams during the lockdown. My family has also been consulting Dr. Reetha for our health needs. Highly professional and knowledgeable team in Homeopathy treatments. I wish the team all the best.

Vishala Reddy Vuyyala

After suffering with chronic sinusitis and allergy for several years, on recommendation from a well-wisher, I met Dr. Reetha. The approach in understanding my problems in depth was so thought provoking. Within 3 months of taking homeopathy, I started feeling normal and regained my energy. I started trusting homeopathy, thanks to the team at Ariv.

Mrs.Varalakshmi Kothapalli

Ariv homeopathy clinics has truly been a blessing. It presented me with the most beneficial solution for my knee problem at the most economical cost. The nurture, care and responsibility the clinic has undertaken is genuinely commendable. The clinic was receiving and reciprocal to all my concerns and doubts. With erudite Doctors, miraculous medicines and humble environment Ariv homeopathy clinic is right place to go for any and every homeopathy aid! I highly recommend their services. Special thanks to Dr.Rita who with her warm smile and caring nature has been so supportive throughout the course of my treatment.

Tatha Rao

I have had an incredible experience with Dr. Reetha Krishnan, perhaps even the best experience I’ve ever had with a medical professional. She was able to accurately diagnose and treat my condition of Lymph Nodes which has reduced by 90% in her care. Her treatment also elevated my mental wellbeing. I vouch for Dr. Reetha Krishnan to anyone who comes her way.

Sulalitha Rao.

In late 2019, I was diagnosed with CLD, PVT, ascites and was on alopathy treatment. Through family contact I approached Dr. Reetha Krishnan in March 2020 who put me homeopathy treatment. Thanks to her and her team, since then there has been significant improvement and my vitals are normal.

A. Srinivasa Rao

Chief Financial Officer, Myhome Constructions
Ours is a joint family with 9 members including my parents, who are about 75 years. We are always thankful and indebted to you and your team for the excellent support / guidance given to all our family members, especially during the period when I was tested COVID19 positive along with two other family members. We have exclusively depended upon you and taken the medicine provided by you and followed the suggestions given by you which has helped us to safely return to normalcy. Probably the preventive medicine which you have provided has reduced the severity of Covid symptoms and the medicine given during the Covid period has given great relief.

Ravi Shankar

I first visited Ariv Homeopathy Clinics about a year back. The premises and the inviting front office has a very peaceful and soothing ambience. The support staff is also so helpful. My Mother (85 yrs) two daughters and I were treated by Dr. Reetha Krishnan for ailments varying from allergies and digestive problems to hair fall and geriatric issues. Her ability to connect easily and also instill confidence stands out. There is no rush to finish the consultation as she patiently hears all your concerns showing a willingness to listen to consider and to discuss. The treatment has yielded very good results and I have no hesitation in highly recommending this Clinic and Dr. Reetha Krishnan.

Deepti Gonewar

I never felt that I was under treatment whenever I visited Dr Reetha Krishnan for my health issues, recently for an infection on my left hand. Rather, the lovely care and warmth made me feel like I was pampered with utmost care. She is very soft spoken, uncommercial and gives the best solution at the lowest cost. One can always be rest assured with her.

Adithya Rao Lingala

I have known Dr. Reetha Krishnan for above 5 years now. She treated my skin after a few doctors couldn’t figure out what’s the actual issue. She has always taken details in depth for an analysis and gave accurate treatment. Along with skin issue I trust her for many health issues for me and my family.

Sunita Raja

I was connected to Dr. Reetha by my sis-in-law who is Dr. Reetha’s patient. After an hour plus consultation, Dr. Reetha sent me medication to address anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestion, high BP, severe muscle tightness issues. I have been having these issues for over 15 years. The impact has been extremely positive and am feeling so much better!! I am sleeping better, the pain is so less that I can cook all by myself! Super thankful to Dr. Reetha!

Thangam Asha

This is Thangam Asha, age 38 yrs, married life of 13 yrs, I had infertility issues and was diagnosed with thyroid, pcos and endometriosis since 15yrs. I took advanced treatments for infertility and underwent laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and had failed IVF cycles. I consulted Dr. Reetha Krishnan mam for irregular periods and above mentioned issues. She treated me very well and gave homeopathic medicines for six months and treated root cause of infertility and after that I followed her advice and in October 2020, I was blessed with healthy baby boy. No words to express our joy, now we are a complete family. Dr. Reetha mam is a wonderful doctor. I will always be grateful. From bottom of my heart, thank you.

Deepti and Praveen

Dr. Reetha has been an amazing family doctor for us over the years. She has been an epitome of nurture and care to our kids especially. She is super reliable, professional, understandable, analytical, decisive, investigative, knowledgeable, passionate, responsible, reassuring, selfless, trustworthy, vigilant, and wise. She does everything in her ability to solve for the root causes and not just the symptoms. She brings in-depth understanding to simplify and explain to us the issue at hand. She has handled a couple of tough situations for us in a calming manner. She has always exceeded our expectations in how we saw the results be it simple cold to some chronological illnesses. She always makes herself available and has been upfront and honest about things with us.

V. Papaiah

Regional Fire Officer, Central Region, Hyderabad
I have taken Homeopathy Medicine supplied by Ariv Healthcare as a preventive measure. I was affected with Corona with mild symptoms and recovered within 5 days.

Purushotam Nair

I am giving this testimony on behalf of my father. My father was diagnosed with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) in 2011, and had emergency hospitalizations yearly twice, had used allopathy medications for 8 long years, but there was only temporary relief. Since three years, my father is going through homeopathic treatment with Dr. Reetha Krishnan mam. My father is feeling better, stable now, and reduced emergency hospitalizations. Dr. Reetha mam you are very good and professional at caring for my father. You are excellent doctor. I would like to thank you for your expertise and dedication to your patients.


Anoos Electrolysis & Obesity Pvt. Ltd.
Feedback on anti-Corona pills received in the month of March'2020 and distributed to all our staff. 2 persons tested positive out of 200+ employees. ln this, one person not used the dosage properly and one is suffered with minimal symptoms.

Myths on Homeopathy


Homeopathy is slow to act ?

Homeopathy is equally used in acute illness like fever’s, injuries, colics, acute pains and has been seen to give quick relief.

One needs to take Homeopathy for long duration?

The need for medication depends on the chronicity of the illness. The duration of treatment is directly proportional to the duration of the illness that a patient is suffering from. E.g. Any illness which is present since 30-40 years cannot be expected to be cured within few days. One needs to take medicine for longer duration to cure it completely. Whereas, if a patient has acute illness of few days duration, he/she should get relief within a short duration.

There are lot of restrictions on food items when on homeopathy medications ?

No, there are no restrictions on food items when on homeopathic medications. The restrictions are illness specific and hence might vary from patient to patient. E.g. If a patient with psoriasis gets aggravated by eating sour foods, the patient is advised to avoid sour foods or any food that aggravate the disease condition at least in the beginning of starting the homeopathic medications. Gradually as patient improves one can reintroduce all aggravating items to check if patient has developed a tolerance to those items. As the homeopathic medicines are absorbed through the mucous membranes of tongue, patient is advised not eat or drink anything for half an hour before and after taking medicine for best absorption of medicine. That’s the reason that some doctors advise to avoid strong tasting food like raw onions to avoid hindrance in absorption and action of medicine. In general, coffee has an antidote effect to most of the homeopathic medicines. Hence, if a patient is not a regular coffee drinker, they are advised to defer from drinking coffee.

Homeopathic doctor does not reveal the name of the medications ?

Injudicious use of homeopathic medicines can do more harm than good. The dosage of the medicines needs to be modulated depending on the response of the patient to the medicine. Some patients are known to purchase the medicines off the counter and take the medicines for long duration or multiple repetition which can harm the patient. Hence patients are advised to take medications under the supervision of the doctor. If a patient wants to go to another homeopathic doctor for further continuation of the treatment, the prescriptions made so far can be shared with the treating doctor

All complaints first increase on taking homeopathic medicines before improvement:

No, in most of the illness you have amelioration of the complaints on taking homeopathic medicines. In few patients with chronic skin ailments, the eruptions have been suppressed for long time using steroids and other topical agents to give temporary relief. For the cure of these ailments from the root, the ointments have to be withheld which might cause the eruptions to flare up initially and then the healing will start which will be permanent.

Homeopathy can cure all illness ?

Every system has its own scope and limitations. Acute life threatening illness where the vitality of an individual is very poor, will need modern medicine to tide over the immediate crisis. E.g. Acute Myocardial Infarctions. Whereas, in illnesses like autoimmune disorders homeopathy has better scope. Surgical disorders in initial stage can be managed with homeopathy. Once it reaches an irreversible stage, surgery becomes the only option.

Homeopathic medicine have steroids:

No, its against the principles of homeopathy. As Homeopathic medicines acts by stimulating the immune system whereas, steroids are immunosuppressant.

Homeopathy cannot be used in Acute conditions:

Homeopathy has been successfully used in conditions like fever’s, colics, dysmenorrhoea, post operative pains and even as a palliative in cancer pains. It’s also used to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, thereby, improving the patient compliance to chemotherapy.

Can I take my other regular medicine when I am on Homeopathy:

Yes, you can! Depending on your response to homeopathic treatment, the homeopathic physician, in consultation with your treating doctor, may advice modulation of doses. It also depends on the medications that you are on. Some medications can be stopped immediately while some has to be tapered and stopped. Hence you are advised not to stop or regulate the doses on your own.

Homeopathic doctor doesn’t need to examine the patient or investigate the patient:

Homeopathy is the therapeutic branch. Hence the clinical history taking, patient examination and investigations conducted to come to a diagnosis are exactly the same as in allopathic stream. The only difference is the pharmacology and its principles of therapeutics.

Dr. Reetha Krishnan

MD (Hom) Paediatrics, Mumbai MPH, USA

Dr Navin Pawaskar

MD (Hom) Paediatrics, Mumbai MPH, USA

Dr. Pavuluri Krishna Chaudary